Sunday, January 30, 2011

Valentines Day....It's a {Lovely} kind of day

So how has your Sunday been going?? Everyone's Sundays tend to go a little different.  Sometimes we are running around visiting everyone we can possibly see like it's the crazy, neverending, Christmas kind of day.  Other times I'm day dreaming about cleaning the house and hoping to maintain the cleanliness for longer than an hour.....Last resort, turn on HGTV and dose off and on while I hop online to look for inspiration or a good ol' blog post to warm my little heart!  Don't kid yourself, it's not as relaxing as I just made it sound but it's fun to pretend life is that simple....

So as I day dreamed and had this afternoon ALL to myself, I kept seeing pretty pink and red items dancing in my head... I'm not one to get overly into the lovie dovie day... In fact, it passes by like most friend's birthdays, never realizing I even missed a thing! But NOT this year, I'm prepared! I've been thinking about it allllllll day!

I thought I'd share some really beautiful red and pink items that might just make your heart melt.....

{Featured Shops I HEART on Etsy}
XOXO Board Game Pieces from Artful Vintage
Owl Love You Forever from Red Tile Studio
Kitchen Utensils Set of 7 Eco Felt Utensils from Royal Rugrats
Tres Chic Red Wicker Chalkboard by Shabby McFabby
Posh Dots Printable DIY Gable Boxes from The Posh Event
Red Love Paperie Garland of Hand Cut Hearts from Paper Polaroid
Fabric Rosette Statement Necklace with Brass Leaf from Studio Elenus



  1. Katie- Thanks so much for posting our print on your blog! I am glad you are getting excited about Valentine's this year, it can be fun. Your shop is wonderful. Thanks again.

  2. ...I just 'LuV' it!!! Thanx so much, Katie for featuring one of my Tres~Chic Vintage Framed Chalkboards in your wonderful blog...I am so very honored to be included!!!

    Kimber @

  3. Thank you so much Katie!! What a beautiful blog and feature! Thank you for including my printable gable boxes!

  4. Katie your blog and work are gorgeous! I am honored to have my eco-felt utensil play set featured in your Valentine's Day loves!!!

  5. Love everything! Can't believe it's already Valentine's Day! Where does the time go?! xoxo

  6. PS. Following you now :) Looking forward to reading more! xoxo