Wednesday, February 9, 2011

DIY: Faux Potted Plants Wrapped in Burlap

So, I've had these cute little faux ferns for awhile... 

I saw them in a store and they screamed, "BUY ME!"

Just a little side note, I'm pretty much obsessed with little faux succulents and mini potted stems of flowers..

 If you came to my house, you would see them placed here and there and everywhere!

Here we go.. I'll show you what I did to dress up these little guys and get them ready for presentation.

First, find a little small green stem or mini faux ferns like these. Grab a little spanish moss or whatever you would like to top off the "soil" area.

Faux Ferns and Floral Moss

You'll want to have a glue gun, scissors, burlap, twine and plastic or ceramic containers for your plants!

Next, measure out your burlap. Make sure you can bring it up to the top and gather it later! You will cut the burlap into circles.

Cut Burlap Circles
Plastic Containers
Use hot glue to secure the plant into the base of the pot. Now, use your hot glue and cover the top of the "soil" area and quickly press a hand full of moss on the top. Pat down to secure the moss.

Glue plant to pot. Glue moss to top "soil" area.

Last, grab your burlap circles. Slowly hot glue under the rim of the pot and adhere the burlap. You will then have a potted plant with gathered burlap around the top. To finish off your project, tie a little twine around the top. This will make it look cute;)) And it will help give the burlap a gathered look.

And here is your final product! You can place them on a window seal or around the house! I love to put them on a stack of books.. Tops it off perfectly!

I've decided to bring the Spring inside... We just received another boat load of SNOW! Arrrgggh:(


Tuesday, February 8, 2011

You ROCK!! Etsy Round-Up

My husband's cousin is a very talented singer and his adorable wife is pregnant with their first child, a boy. They have decided to name him Lyrik...and with that I have decided to combine their love of music and his (sure to be) future as a rock star to come up with a really special baby shower gift for them revolving around, what!

My inspiration started with this burp cloth set we sell in our shop. It is a very popular pattern and typically sells out just about as fast as we can get it posted!

While on my hunt for great guitar themed baby shower gift ideas, I stumbled across some really cool guitar themed treasures on Etsy. So, without further is our weekly Etsy Round-Up.

Links to the items featured in this week's Etsy Round-Up

Now, I'm off to the store to prepare for the next wave of snow they say is headed our way tomorrow! :)

Monday, February 7, 2011

Fun Man Finds for Valentine's Day

I'm sure you all are thinking about what to get that special guy or girl in your life...

Here are some awesome guy's gifts I found back at Christmas and thought I'd share again! 

I am slightly a procrastinator, so I need to get on the gift shopping NOW!

Men's Propeller Cuff Links from Felt Your Heart Beat

Evergreen Soap from Lipponcott Soap Co.

Awesome Printed Flasks by Liquid Courage

Love this Wallet from Robbie Moto

Manly Shave Kit from Dirty Deeds Soaps

Leather Belt Buckle from Flight Path Designs

Coffee Cozy from Pink Gasoline

Vintage Brass Tags from Wish by Felicity

Moccasin Slippers from Natalya 1905

Sunday, February 6, 2011

I sure hope you snow bunnies aren't turning into little snow monsters...! And for all of you outside of this snow blur, I'm sure you're enjoying your beautiful life as usual.... Well, at least I hope so!

We went out today to buy MORE boots for my hubby. He's a researcher type of buyer. No, he doesn't buy on a whim or anything...Everything is methodically done {boring}.  This style of shopping definitely goes against my style of shopping!!  Opposites attract, right!?

And finally, errrr, I mean, for the first time, our 3 years old wondered off at Bass Pro and got LOST.  I was sitting on the shoe bench waiting for her and my hubby to return when all of a sudden, I see Daniel... With no Hudson...Ahhhgggk, where did she go!?

We went on a wild goose chase, running around the entire second floor of Bass Pro. If you've been there, you know its ginormous! Finally, I heard a child scream. 

Low and behold, there was my child with a face full of tears, screaming "mommy.."
It made my heart sink:(

Moral of the story: This is why mommies tell their children to stay close! Duhhhh!

On with the day..

So, it's Superbowl Sunday!! Woo-hoooo!

This is what I'm doing instead! Reading fun blogs and writing a post:)

Our Valentine's Day post was featured on this BEAUTIFUL blog! Take a look!
It's so pretty!

The Posh Event
We were featured on Everyday Posh

Our Valentine's Day Blog Post featuring Etsy Sellers

Here's a pretty treasury we were included in by SameSameMaryJane

The Orange Sherbet Squirrel

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Winner of the Cosmetic Bag Giveaway!

Our winner of the Cosmetic Bag Giveaway is Melanie Beau and Bella! 
Please email your contact information to! We will get your sweet little cosmetic bag in the mail as soon as this winter weather takes a break!! 
Hope you continue to follow our little blog.

Melanie Beau and Bella just won the small birdcage cosmetic bag from this set!!
Posh House Originals


Thursday, February 3, 2011

Me + 2011 Spring Color Palette = Heaven

I've played monsters, I've played babies, I've played art,  I've watched Wow, Wow, Wubsy and now I'm watching Dr. Seuss....woo-wee!! Really, that's just naming a few of the many {adventures} we've had today. I know you all are drooling with envy...

Only kidding, that recap of my day could have really detoured you from this post.
{pouty face}

Snow Day!
On to the better half.....

I really started searching for some "adult" content to add to my day.  I've been having to suppress the urge to SHOP for new decor! Like that's different from any other time. 

But those darn February storefronts, you always make me feel this way. I go to Target, bathing suites out. I go to Hobby Lobby, Easter Extravaganza Blowout, and Etsy..It's all your fault:) 

I'm in LuV with the 2011 Spring Color Palette from Pantone. This is what it boils down to in my mind.

Orange Pillow, Grey Elephant Ipad Case, Lavender Stripe Toy Bins, Green Twine,
Floral Blue Clutch, Honeysuckle Couch, Pearl Necklace, Button Necklace
If you were here, you would see me sitting in my favorite Natuzzi aqua leather chair {scored my all time favorite chair at an amazing SALE at Macy's} starring into outer space.. Dreaming of all the things I want... 
 Ok, now I'm starting to sound like a kid again. {sigh}

Here are some more 2011 Must-Have Colors and Little 'Specialties' I thought you'd enjoy like myself...

This takes the cake on PERFECTION! The photo features every last detail of Spring 2011

Featuring Dream Spun Kids
{Pettiskirt Purple Bubble Romper}
Dream Spun Kids
"She's all about pretty ruffles and sweet lace in our tiered ruffle romper."

2011 Spring Fashion Finds

Simple and colorful! Just my style.. I will take the grey dress and shoes, pleeease! Thank you.

The Dylan Collection

{oh why, oh why do I do this to myself}
These are two of my most dreamiest decor stores.  They are carrying over the natural, textured, and weathered pieces from Fall.. Burlap pillows and soft whites! Mmmm, I luv! Remember from or 2011 Decor Trends post, a mix of modern and vintage with lots of woods and metals is in style as well!

Sounds like a good mix to me..That means you can keep the old with the new and bring in anything your little heart desires:)
Honeysuckle, Rosett, Coral Rose, Regatta, Pea Pod, Blue Curacao,
 Beeswax, Lavender, Silver Peony,  Silver Cloud
See you on the other side of the snow,
Katie xoxo

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Gathering the Essentials

So...I sit here waiting...waiting for the 9"-13" of ice and snow they say is headed our way today. I think there is something about telling people who are not used to extreme winter weather that 9"-13" of snow is headed their way that makes them freak out a little bit.

I went to the store on Sunday and it was busier than I have ever seen it.  Apparently, my husband and I were the only ones there who don't watch the news on the weekends and didn't know what Mother Nature was about to throw our way because we only found out about the impending forecast after talking to one of the clerks to ask why they didn't have any ground turkey left. Ooops! Glad I do my grocery shopping on Sundays.

Anyway, while the rest of the city was out stocking up on milk, eggs, bread and generators yesterday... I spent my lunch hour running around town picking up some of the real essentials...interfacing, fabric and zippers! Yeah, that's right. I might get snowed in, but at least I'll have plenty of sewing projects to keep me busy. Who needs food anyway...I've got interfacing!

While not battling the crowds at the grocery store, I spent a little bit of my weekend turning a pile of this...

into a few new lovelies for the shop...

Until Next Time,