Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Gathering the Essentials

So...I sit here waiting...waiting for the 9"-13" of ice and snow they say is headed our way today. I think there is something about telling people who are not used to extreme winter weather that 9"-13" of snow is headed their way that makes them freak out a little bit.

I went to the store on Sunday and it was busier than I have ever seen it.  Apparently, my husband and I were the only ones there who don't watch the news on the weekends and didn't know what Mother Nature was about to throw our way because we only found out about the impending forecast after talking to one of the clerks to ask why they didn't have any ground turkey left. Ooops! Glad I do my grocery shopping on Sundays.

Anyway, while the rest of the city was out stocking up on milk, eggs, bread and generators yesterday... I spent my lunch hour running around town picking up some of the real essentials...interfacing, fabric and zippers! Yeah, that's right. I might get snowed in, but at least I'll have plenty of sewing projects to keep me busy. Who needs food anyway...I've got interfacing!

While not battling the crowds at the grocery store, I spent a little bit of my weekend turning a pile of this...

into a few new lovelies for the shop...

Until Next Time,

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  1. Totally loving every single piece here! Those pillows are fantastic! Heading to the shop now :) xoxo