Thursday, February 3, 2011

Me + 2011 Spring Color Palette = Heaven

I've played monsters, I've played babies, I've played art,  I've watched Wow, Wow, Wubsy and now I'm watching Dr. Seuss....woo-wee!! Really, that's just naming a few of the many {adventures} we've had today. I know you all are drooling with envy...

Only kidding, that recap of my day could have really detoured you from this post.
{pouty face}

Snow Day!
On to the better half.....

I really started searching for some "adult" content to add to my day.  I've been having to suppress the urge to SHOP for new decor! Like that's different from any other time. 

But those darn February storefronts, you always make me feel this way. I go to Target, bathing suites out. I go to Hobby Lobby, Easter Extravaganza Blowout, and Etsy..It's all your fault:) 

I'm in LuV with the 2011 Spring Color Palette from Pantone. This is what it boils down to in my mind.

Orange Pillow, Grey Elephant Ipad Case, Lavender Stripe Toy Bins, Green Twine,
Floral Blue Clutch, Honeysuckle Couch, Pearl Necklace, Button Necklace
If you were here, you would see me sitting in my favorite Natuzzi aqua leather chair {scored my all time favorite chair at an amazing SALE at Macy's} starring into outer space.. Dreaming of all the things I want... 
 Ok, now I'm starting to sound like a kid again. {sigh}

Here are some more 2011 Must-Have Colors and Little 'Specialties' I thought you'd enjoy like myself...

This takes the cake on PERFECTION! The photo features every last detail of Spring 2011

Featuring Dream Spun Kids
{Pettiskirt Purple Bubble Romper}
Dream Spun Kids
"She's all about pretty ruffles and sweet lace in our tiered ruffle romper."

2011 Spring Fashion Finds

Simple and colorful! Just my style.. I will take the grey dress and shoes, pleeease! Thank you.

The Dylan Collection

{oh why, oh why do I do this to myself}
These are two of my most dreamiest decor stores.  They are carrying over the natural, textured, and weathered pieces from Fall.. Burlap pillows and soft whites! Mmmm, I luv! Remember from or 2011 Decor Trends post, a mix of modern and vintage with lots of woods and metals is in style as well!

Sounds like a good mix to me..That means you can keep the old with the new and bring in anything your little heart desires:)
Honeysuckle, Rosett, Coral Rose, Regatta, Pea Pod, Blue Curacao,
 Beeswax, Lavender, Silver Peony,  Silver Cloud
See you on the other side of the snow,
Katie xoxo

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  1. Such a gorgeous palette! Definitely puts me in the mood for spring/summer :) Hope the snow stops enough for you to get a little in the next few days! Sending you some LA sunshine xoxo, Annemarie