Monday, January 31, 2011

The day ran away from me... Inspiration came late at night

Inspiration came late in the day... I was sitting down to write a great, well thought out post this evening and off went my mind into la-la land. Yes, this happens way to often. However, tonight was like a beautiful dreamy land that I didn't want to leave.. 

I logged into our Shop and found that we were picked for {I don't even know if words can explain it} a BEAUTIFUL, dreamy treasury! I'm lost for words.. The colors are soooo soothing and sweet...So perfect for this cold dreary day. 

Ok, so enough adjectives and lame descriptions.. I will just show you what inspired me at the very end, keep scrolling our you might miss the dreaminess:) It was a beautiful combination and then I heard a song.. It just all melted together and the rest was history. 

The song was by The Band Perry, "If I die young.." It's such a beautiful song and her voice is soooo soft like the items in this treasury.  I then looked up the lyrics and, well, they aren't exactly what you want to daydream about.. But for now I am pretending and living in the moment. Anyhow, the song has a dreamy sound which made me feel so simply pure. My senses took over with music to my ears and beauty to my eyes.

To re-enact my by BLISSFUL moment...Turn on ITunes, download "If I Die Young" then dream away at the treasury below...

{I'm envisioning these beautiful glass jars on my mantle....}
If only I could convince my hubby to have a white mantle.. Then I'd have him go buy me roses:)
Photo by The Sweetest Occasion ~ This is an AmAziNg blog..


{Dreaming of this on my coffee table...}
I want that couch!

{The Band Perry...I was imagining them strumming away in my living room}

I hope this warmed your little fuzzies up like it did mine, as I have this song on repeat right now.

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Much love and sweet daydreams,
Katie xoxo

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Take a look at this simply elegant treasury......

"So Soft and Feminine" by Clicking Sticks

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Valentines Day....It's a {Lovely} kind of day

So how has your Sunday been going?? Everyone's Sundays tend to go a little different.  Sometimes we are running around visiting everyone we can possibly see like it's the crazy, neverending, Christmas kind of day.  Other times I'm day dreaming about cleaning the house and hoping to maintain the cleanliness for longer than an hour.....Last resort, turn on HGTV and dose off and on while I hop online to look for inspiration or a good ol' blog post to warm my little heart!  Don't kid yourself, it's not as relaxing as I just made it sound but it's fun to pretend life is that simple....

So as I day dreamed and had this afternoon ALL to myself, I kept seeing pretty pink and red items dancing in my head... I'm not one to get overly into the lovie dovie day... In fact, it passes by like most friend's birthdays, never realizing I even missed a thing! But NOT this year, I'm prepared! I've been thinking about it allllllll day!

I thought I'd share some really beautiful red and pink items that might just make your heart melt.....

{Featured Shops I HEART on Etsy}
XOXO Board Game Pieces from Artful Vintage
Owl Love You Forever from Red Tile Studio
Kitchen Utensils Set of 7 Eco Felt Utensils from Royal Rugrats
Tres Chic Red Wicker Chalkboard by Shabby McFabby
Posh Dots Printable DIY Gable Boxes from The Posh Event
Red Love Paperie Garland of Hand Cut Hearts from Paper Polaroid
Fabric Rosette Statement Necklace with Brass Leaf from Studio Elenus


Saturday, January 29, 2011

Doors Wide Open.....Come in + Cosmetic Bag Giveaway

Running on little sleep is becoming the norm around my house. Some days I like to think that I am wonder woman but then I quickly get reminded that I am powerless and succumb to the fact that there are only 24 hours in every day and that's not going to change anytime soon.... 

For this moment, I'm going to enjoy this beautiful view for one more day..70 degrees today and snow in the forecast next week...Yes, I said 70 with a chance of snow next week! What a fickle state we live in...

{this week}

So here's one of my fave finds of the week..I couldn't wait to get my hands on this little guy.

Bills & Mail

Found this wooden bill, mail and key organizer. It has been primed, repainted and sanded for a shabby chic finish! I'm in love with this find! I can't decide if I want to keep it or sell it?? Hmmmm.....? 

Welcome to my home! Here's what you'll see if you stop by.


If only I had a "Before and After" pic of my front door...It was a weathered, dirty, maroon, pitiful mess of a door. 


I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE eucalyptus..It adds that "restoration hardware" feel to anything! And the smell is pretty glorious as well! I have it all over my house.

Originally this letter was BRIGHT gold....

Repainted, rubbed on dark brown paint and sealed the letter with a satin varnish. 

Burlap Wreath

Thought these were fun and easy projects for a nice day like today! Now I'm going to enjoy a little family time with my hubby and daughter...Not sure what we will do today but hopefully it involves getting out of this house and doing something productive!

Happy Saturday,

Herb Boxes

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Friday, January 28, 2011

Decorating for Spring...Bringing the Outside In

We are experiencing some amazing weather here today and it really has my head spinning with decorating ideas for spring. Oh, the possibilities!

Why is it with every new season, I want to completely redecorate my entire house. Notice I said...want to....I don't actually get to. I find the best approach when I get this itch to redecorate is just to re-purpose accessories I already have from around the house in new ways. That, plus, a few fun, new season-inspired accessories seem to do the trick....and keep the peace around my house. :)

Here are a few of my must-have items for bringing a little bit of spring into my house.

A big green boxwood wreath for the front door...

A few planters filled with pretty, fresh herbs....

And of course, the instant update for any room...a few new throw pillows...

Now, it's your turn....
I would love to hear what you guys do to bring a little bit of spring inside your home! 

And, in case you missed the post on our Facebook page....we just got a new shipment of fun fabrics for the shop...which means lots of fun new pillow covers will be making their way to our online shop very soon!

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Now, I'm headed home to take advantage of this beautiful weather and start conquering the chaos that is currently known as our backyard! Details on our backyard renovations, along with before and after pics coming soon. 

Happy weekend friends!


Thursday, January 27, 2011

Home Decor Trends for 2011 + Cosmetic Bag Giveaway!!!!

Christmas has passed and Spring is crawling near!  All of us art inspired, thrift store hunters, fabric junkies, sewing freaks, self-proclaimed interior designers are looking at what's in style this year! We tend to let our inner design voice guide our choices of projects and new ideas. If you're like me, most of your best design and craft ideas come at the strangest times....In particular, I will be focusing away and straining my brain on a well thought out structured project and then BAM!! That perfect idea pops into my head and I hustle around, gathering all that I will need to start another project!

One of my many work spaces around the house.....

There's that little thing we say, "I have too many ideas and I don't know which one I want to start?" Or we say, "I'm stumped...No ideas are coming to my brain. What is wrong with me?" But this year I think we've fallen somewhere in between those two! Both Melissa and I have a huge LOVE for all design and decor that's classic, modern and chic. So here we go, we've talked a bunch about dividing our craft time into thirds. One third sewing, the second third something, and the third third something?! We get together on our occasional lunch outings and talk up a storm for two some odd hours, blabbing about our ideas or lack there of....

Let me share a little something real fast.......

We have literally shopped thrift stores and flea markets since we met in sixth grade. Both our mother's instilled this love for good thrifty finds. But don't kid yourself, you still have to be "thrifty" while shopping at thrift stores.  Key note: going on the sale days!  Just ask Melissa, her "Martha Stewart" closet is filled with millions of thrift store finds just begging to be up-cycled!  Spending money anywhere just adds up. You may ask, "why do you need to wait for a sale at a thrift store??" I know, it sounds like an oxymoron...Thrift store/Sale...? But to truly get those great finds worth up-cycling or repurposing it's a must!
Vintage-Inspired Book Stack

Up-Cycled White Chic Coasters

 So here's where the second third of our divided craft time comes into play. We have both recovered, refinished, revamped, re-everything and we are now going to pass these awesome treasures on to you! Vintage-inspired, modern-chic, you name it, we are going to do it!

Back to the subject at hand....2011 Home Decor Trends... I usually refuse to research trending topics. How could I do such a thing?  I tell myself, a true crafter and designer doesn't follow trends but sets the trends.  So, I did it. I GOOGLED it... I sat down to write this post and thought that I had to have  something backing up my claim. And I'm so excited to report that Posh House has hit the nail on the head! Our new Spring line at Posh House Originals is spot on.

According to Michelle Lamb, the editorial director of "The Trend Curve" shared her design outlook for 2011. She states that "shoppers can expect to see furniture and accessories which combine classic elements with contemporary details, incorporating texture into upholstery fabrics, metals and wood." I'm getting so excited even thinking about the possibilities this year! You will see "puckers, pleats, tweeds, frayed edges, woven-in ribbons and embossing. Understated raw looks are rising." Michelle Lamb defines 2011's style as a "merging of vintage and modern." Traditional style is going to collide with modern chic details. A combination like this is going to rock your socks off! There will be no limits to this combination! My favorite of all and something that we have already began to include in our shop are reclaimed woods and upcycled items.

Trellis Design with Floral Accent Broach
It has been said that 2011 will be about adding balance to the trends and moving towards simplicity. Simplicity is a concept many people are adopting in every part of their lives. Lamb says, "it's about making the most of a single element. Decor will exemplify clean lines, geometry and a lack of embellishment. Products will be multifuntional and manufacturers will use transparent materials."
Oh boy, Oh boy, Oh boy!! Whether you are a craft junky, design enthusiast, or a shopaholic,  this means the mesh of styles and textiles are endless this year....

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