Sunday, February 6, 2011

I sure hope you snow bunnies aren't turning into little snow monsters...! And for all of you outside of this snow blur, I'm sure you're enjoying your beautiful life as usual.... Well, at least I hope so!

We went out today to buy MORE boots for my hubby. He's a researcher type of buyer. No, he doesn't buy on a whim or anything...Everything is methodically done {boring}.  This style of shopping definitely goes against my style of shopping!!  Opposites attract, right!?

And finally, errrr, I mean, for the first time, our 3 years old wondered off at Bass Pro and got LOST.  I was sitting on the shoe bench waiting for her and my hubby to return when all of a sudden, I see Daniel... With no Hudson...Ahhhgggk, where did she go!?

We went on a wild goose chase, running around the entire second floor of Bass Pro. If you've been there, you know its ginormous! Finally, I heard a child scream. 

Low and behold, there was my child with a face full of tears, screaming "mommy.."
It made my heart sink:(

Moral of the story: This is why mommies tell their children to stay close! Duhhhh!

On with the day..

So, it's Superbowl Sunday!! Woo-hoooo!

This is what I'm doing instead! Reading fun blogs and writing a post:)

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