Wednesday, February 9, 2011

DIY: Faux Potted Plants Wrapped in Burlap

So, I've had these cute little faux ferns for awhile... 

I saw them in a store and they screamed, "BUY ME!"

Just a little side note, I'm pretty much obsessed with little faux succulents and mini potted stems of flowers..

 If you came to my house, you would see them placed here and there and everywhere!

Here we go.. I'll show you what I did to dress up these little guys and get them ready for presentation.

First, find a little small green stem or mini faux ferns like these. Grab a little spanish moss or whatever you would like to top off the "soil" area.

Faux Ferns and Floral Moss

You'll want to have a glue gun, scissors, burlap, twine and plastic or ceramic containers for your plants!

Next, measure out your burlap. Make sure you can bring it up to the top and gather it later! You will cut the burlap into circles.

Cut Burlap Circles
Plastic Containers
Use hot glue to secure the plant into the base of the pot. Now, use your hot glue and cover the top of the "soil" area and quickly press a hand full of moss on the top. Pat down to secure the moss.

Glue plant to pot. Glue moss to top "soil" area.

Last, grab your burlap circles. Slowly hot glue under the rim of the pot and adhere the burlap. You will then have a potted plant with gathered burlap around the top. To finish off your project, tie a little twine around the top. This will make it look cute;)) And it will help give the burlap a gathered look.

And here is your final product! You can place them on a window seal or around the house! I love to put them on a stack of books.. Tops it off perfectly!

I've decided to bring the Spring inside... We just received another boat load of SNOW! Arrrgggh:(



  1. i've been told i need some greenery inside the house. perfect idea. i think i shall place one on top of the stack of books i bought from posh house originals. ;-)

  2. This is such a cute idea! I might have to try it soon :)


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